Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Someone to Watch Over You.


First, a blue jeaned leg with a black harness boot comes through the window and the other, soon after. “I’m coming in, don’t be afraid!” a deep voice bellowed. A man, maybe in his early forties, straightens up in front of the curtains, and I don’t think I have ever seen anyone that tall in person before. He has to be six-foot eight or nine at least with long, brown hair pulled back in a ponytail.
He’s wearing a chambray shirt neatly tucked into his jeans. He stands there quietly, in a black over-coat and dark sunglasses. Just who has climbed in my window? He turns his head as if he’s scanning the room.
“Could you manage to not look just yet, please? I’m in the tub.” I try to grab the towel but can’t reach it, so I just fold my arms across my chest. My face has to be red as a beet.
“Don’t worry, I can’t see you,” he says calmly.
“Well, I’m right here in front of you. Hard to miss my red face,” I snap.
“Honest, I can’t see you, I’m blind.”
I almost laugh, but I don’t.
“Who are you?”“David Martin. I’m two days late, I was supposed to be here Thursday, but the train had some mechanical problems which caused a delay.”
I recalled, after a few seconds, that Selena said earlier that the person never showed up who is supposed to stay here. What is his name oh darn… it’s Martin.
“Oh… well,” I stutter. Mortified, I wonder what I’m going to do. Things like this always happen to me.
“What’s your problem here, maybe I can help?” He takes a few steps closer.
“Are you really blind?” I ask, unsure.
“Well, see if this will help you decide. He pulls out one of those folded, walking canes. Instantly leaping through the window when he whistles, is a small brown and white cocker spaniel dog.
“Meet Bradley, my official Seeing Eye dog, and this is my walking cane,” he smiles. He uses it to walk closer to me sweeping from left to right. He manages to avoid objects in his path, and he stops just a few feet away. Not a bad looking fellow, just intimidating, I think to myself.
My mind starts racing, and suddenly, I wanted to get out of this situation before it got any worse.
I realize I can stay in the tub all night, or get on with the evening, and ask him to help me. I swallow my pride. I become flustered but I try to sound calm. “It’s nice to meet you David. I seem to be stuck in the tub. I’ve been in an accident, and my knee isn’t quite healed yet. "Could you help me out?”
“I’ll try.”
I’m glad if I had to be stuck in an embarrassing predicament, that it’s a blind man who has come to my rescue. The absurdity of the situation puts a blush on my face. Before I could dwell on it too much, he comes over and lifts me out of the tub, into his arms. I’m getting him wet, but he doesn’t seem to mind. As he holds me, his eyes never once look towards my face, or down at my body. Despite the fact, he seems unaffected by my nakedness; my body chooses to respond against my will. A flush of excitement surprises me. He is so strong and the most masculine type of male I’d seen in a long time.


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  1. Congrats on your first story! What a terrific twist you've come up with. Truly intriguing. I wish you lots of success.

    DragonStar1974 (ATs)