Saturday, March 3, 2012

So, what inspired Radiance:Love after Death?


Being a dreamer, I always wanted to be more than the ordinary. I wanted to imagine worlds where anything could happen, especially romantic fairytales.
Growing up, Barbara Cartland and Grace Livingston Hill were authors I devoured as soon as I could get hold of their books! I remember one day at a yard sale, I bought a box of over 35 Barbara Cartland books. I think I read nonstop for a month! They created magic for me. When you are a young impressionable girl, I think it’s important to form positive ideals of love.
When you read my novel Radiance:Love after Death, published by XOXO Publishing, you will see how these authors influenced my writing. In all their books, there was never any graphic sexual content, yet you were thrilled beyond imagination at the expressions of love. There needs to be some mystery in the romance department! When everything is spelled out in minute detail it gets old after awhile. I don’t know about you, but imagination is sexy to me!
Even as I read all those books way back then, I wanted to be a writer. I was forming stories in my mind and writing them down from time to time. I saved every notebook I had, and over the course of several years, I had over sixteen of them.
After three babies and a career, I forgot about them of course. Then something happened that changed the path of my life. My husband of 18 years asked for a divorce. I became depressed after the breakup of my marriage and I was at the end of my rope. One day I was walking and for some odd reason I reached down into the grass and pulled out a crooked heart-shaped stone. It seemed to remind me that even though my heart was broken, it was still a heart and someday I could love again. That stone saved my life. It also inspired me to weave it into a paranormal romance story.
Now, I just want someone to pinch me! Never, ever, give up on your dreams! I mailed my manuscript off and three months later after a few rejections and even turning down a couple of publishers, the wonderful people at XOXO Publishing believed along with me and said yes!
Radiance:Love after Death, is about second chances and never giving up on love. It’s edgy and different in a way that readers of romance will appreciate. I do not like predictable stories! Marena Jacobs is not your typical kind of heroine. She’s overweight, divorced and a workaholic. After a near fatal accident, she realizes something happened to her during those seconds of time that she passed from life to death. She was never alone like she thought she was. Someone was watching over her all along. I hope my story of finding the heart-stone will inspire women everywhere. You will believe that true love never dies.  Maybe, we all need to find a heart-stone sometime during our lives! I hope you all find yours.
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