Monday, June 25, 2012

Please Welcome Jennifer Starks

I would like to welcome a new guest to my blog today, Jennifer Starks. I would like to know more about you and what book you are reading. I also would like to know more about your upcoming novel.

What current book am I reading? I have just started a book by YA author, Samantha Young titled Slumber. I don’t know too much about it. I picked it up because it was a Free read and I love this author. She’s featured on my blog and her work is almost always entertaining. The first five of Slumber are wonderful.
When I was a child the world smelled of summer. The heady perfume of the dancing, wildflowers would hug my senses ever time the breeze rattled their song and took them with it on its journey to sooth my cheeks from the heat of the afternoon sun. The relieving scent of the damp soil when the sun had pushed the sky too far and it wept rain for days on end, before wearily turning the world back over to its golden companion. The refreshing aroma of lemons in the thick air of the house, mixing with my mother’s baking as she prepared out afternoon repast of bitter lemonade and thick warm bread, slathered with creamy butter made cold from the sheltering shade of the larder. And my father’s pipe.
Sadly, that is as far as I’ve gotten. I didn’t read much of the blurb, but I know it is a romance, and as I am in the mood for a good romance I’m sure Samantha’s work will satisfy me. I’ve read other novels by this author and they’ve all been rife with characters she knows so well it’s scary. I’m also looking forward to (finishing) Taming of the Wolf by Stephanie Nelson which I’ll have to do when she releases it very, very soon. Because I’m in the process of finishing Messy Death, reading has sort of become a back burner thing.
My main character, Vira, and my muse are aching for a conclusion to this book. Who am I to refuse them?  J


Jennifer Starks has been writing since the tender, but still wise beyond her years, age of eight. She gets giddy at the thought of visiting a bookstore, loves that good ole Library smell, is most at home on the couch reading or at her desk writing. She adores her children (though they make it entirely difficult to keep any kind of writing schedule) and is humbled beyond belief to have a mother who fostered her love of the arts and a husband who supports the lifestyle even when it means listening to her type at 5 AM. Messy Death will be Jennifer’s debut novel. Updates on its progress can be found at
Twitter: @princessjen20                 

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