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Author Lynn Lowther ~ from Book to Movie Deal!

I started writing only a few years back. I was at home not really sure what I wanted to do. My son came home one day and asked me why I did not work anymore. I was confused. I did not remember ever writing. He explained to me that when him and his brother were little kids I would always write them stories and how they loved them. I still did not remember. This was a memory that was taken from me from earlier years when I was sick and suffered amnesia. That night I kept thinking about what he said. Me write? Hum, could be interesting. The next day I picked up my laptop and started typing. I had never written (as far as I remember) but it came natural. I was instantly sucked in and found something that I loved to do. I could not stop. I wrote everyday, all day. When I was done I let my sons, daughter and husband read it. They loved it and encouraged me to send it out to some publishers. The question was "Where do I find them and once I do how do submit my work to them?"
Here is the story of how Wretched came about and the trials of getting to where I am now with the series:
The name of the book is Wretched by Lynn Lowther. The book was previously published under the name Lessons from an Evil Mind by Shawna Stewart. The name was changed because at one time the book was self published. Because of that and the fact that the book needed editing and got reviews stating that, we agreed that readers might have been still reading the old reviews instead of giving the new edited version a read.
This book has been through a lot. The first time it was published it was published by a not so reputable company that published the rough draft instead of the book. I had to fight for a year to get my rights back to the book. At that time I rewrote the book and the contents more than doubled. Because of the bad experience I had with that company I decided to self publish. I went through the net and found one of those companies that charges you thousands of dollars and decided to publish with them. That was another mistake. The book was not professionally edited like it should have been and they charged to much for the book, so the book sold very little copies. Once again I cancelled the contract. Time to try something different and keep control of what was happening. I then opened a small publishing company and put the book out myself. The book did okay in sales but still had editing issues, so I took it off the market and looked for another publisher that believed in the work as much as I did and who would want to take the time and help bring the book to its full potential. That is when I met Keith from Spore Press. I signed a contract with them and although I thought we should change the name, they decided to publish it as Lessons from an Evil Mind. The book did not stand a chance because of past reviews, so we finally agreed to change the name to Wretched.
Finding a producer that is interested in your book is a hard thing to do. There are not to many new authors who get a chance to attract the attention of a producer but it does happen. I use such websites as virtual pitch and Linkedin to talk with professionals and learn new ideas as to how to attract attention and how to approach a producer. At the end the way, I attracted the attention of a producer was to research some smaller companies on the web and send in information about my book to them. I must have sent in at least 30 inquiries before one producer (Christopher )asked to read the book. Within a week I heard back from him. He wanted to do the movie! I was so excited. I have signed a contract with Forbes films and anticipate that filming will start soon.
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Excerpt from Wretched:
My body and soul are weak, and I am tired. I close my eyes and lie back on my bed. I dream of the past. My thoughts bringing back memories of trees, flowers and my fiance. He is waiting for me at the alter. It is the day I will marry the love of my life. I turn to walk outside the house. My breath is captured by a strange smell. I try to fight it but the drug is to strong. Darkness overcomes my consciousness.

I leap from my bed, my heart pounding, as my sweet dream is stolen by reality. My feet embed into the rat dropping and mud that once was carpet. I glance around. The dungeon remains dark and dreary. I let out a loud sigh.

I try to convince myself that today will be the day I escape. The sound of foot steps overtake the silence of the room. My heart skips a beat. I run to the middle of the room and take my position. Sitting on my knees, my hands tucked beneath me. This is the way I am to meet my captor and if this is not done I know the consequences will be dire.

Thank you Lynn for this great interview and I know it will inspire other writers to never give up on their dreams. We will all look forward to the movie! 

Author Debra Jayne East

Paranormal Romance

~True Love never Dies~


  1. Lynn,
    That is an inspiring experience. Thanks for sharing.

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