Friday, June 24, 2011

How to have a Sexy Functional Blog!

Recently, I have had to learn things I had no idea how to do. Oh, the nights I spent glued to the computer with hot coffee and tums in hand. Thankfully, people gave me advice about creating functional web sights to get me on the right path.

1. First Rule:Be user friendly.You have to be able to read it!This font is too small! Take in consideration that older people may need larger fonts to be on the safe side. The tiny weeny words all blur together after awhile.The color of your font is important also. If you background is too colorful and you use a pale font it will blend in and be hard to read. Also, use the same size and type of font for each entry.Your readers will thank you.

2. Be sure your contact information and links are in a visible spot on your page. If they have to search high and low for it, or it's not easy to spot you have defeated your purpose.

3. Managing your widgets.Don't over do it in this department.Ten is way to many! Please, we want to stay focused on your blog not get lost in widget land! Trade them out every month so so if want to have variety. Be sure you keep the basics like the follow buttons to advertise on other social networks.

4. Throw some color in there! Their is nothing more dull than a unadorned blog! Use your imagination. Their are lots of free sites with pictures that go along with your blog subject. Be tasteful, not pornagraphic. A picture paints a image. Every time I see a apple, I think of Edward Cullen and the Twilight series.What do you want to be associated with?

4. Are you branded? This took me a while, but finally it came to me. My writing was about angel love stories, so bingo, Love Stories of the Celestial Kind. Hopefully, if someone hears that sentence they will think of Debra Jayne East.What sentence sums up your blog?Don't be ordinary! The unusual attracts attention.

5. Tease, don't please.I'm sure your avid readers would be happy if you put the whole climactic love scene on your blog. A blurb or excerpt is meant to tease the readers imagination to want more. Don't lay out the whole thing! Pick your excerpt carefully to give a little flavor, not the whole enchilada! Leave them wanting!

6. Be positive! If you're having a horrible day don't take it on the blog! Also, what you're going to shop for, or you rant about your relatives is irrelevant. You are trying to sell books. Articles related to your book or issues will draw attention to what you have to say.

7. Follow up. If readers ask questions try to get back to them within a three day time span if possible. Common courtesy is required even if a reader asks you the same question for the hundredth time.Be polite. Grandma always said you catch more flies with honey not vinegar.

8. Use your tools! Don't forget to use spell check! You might spell good but typo's happen. After a writer reads his or her work for a dozen times we become blind to our mistakes. Have someone else read over it, to see if it is clear and concise before you post it.

9. Check your sources. Be sure you get your information and dates correct for book signings and other social events. You can't sell books if you're there on Sunday but your promo said Monday!

10. Find a platform that's user friendly.You can find plenty for sites that let you create free webs.
Some are easier to navigate than others. If it takes you or the readers hours to manage then it's not worth it. Just google free web sites to find a large selection.

I think this covers most of the basics. The last thing I'll mention is to enjoy your blog. Let it be a reflection of yourself and what you do.Hope this helps. Happy blogging everyone! Feel free to comment if you have more tips.


  1. Great post. Useful information. Also love that jewelry, couldn't resist checking it out.

  2. Your blog site was well worth the effort! It's beautiful and well organized. The information is also good and that's what blogs are all about.

  3. love your blog! Your tips are great. I'm still learning how to use the tools on my blog, and been lucky to get some great help from Coffee Time Reviews webmistress! Bless her heart for the assistance. I have forgotten a lot about designing web pages because I dropped offline 4 years due to a stalking troll who harassed me for almost 10 years.
    The best thing that ever happened to me was to take a chance to reach out and comment on an authors blog, and the whole world opened up to me. Learning to trust again was hard, but you can't remain afraid and intimidated forever.
    Thank you for the wonderful tips, and reaching out to those that come to your blog. I learn something new everyday....*S*

    Pommawolf AT hotmail DOT com