Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I’m not talking about the strawberry carbonated beverage kind. I’m talking about the weak in the knees, heart palpitating, swooning I’ll name my firstborn child after you crush. Everyone has them at sometime in their life.
I divide crushes in two categories. The first one is a fantasy crush; the other is a real life crush. A fantasy crush is when you go crazy over a singer, band, actor or other celebrity. Usually, it just sells a lot of movies and albums. A real life crush is a friend, a teacher or stranger you meet and are attracted to. It rarely leads up to anymore than that. As a matter of fact, the majority of crushes never get revealed at all! Let me share with you a past crush of mine, which will tell you how old I am, but at this point age is just a number!
First, I think I had a crush on this guy because my mother did. He was the lead intern in a show named after him and women went nuts over his weekly show. Can you guess ladies? It was Dr.Kildare! Played by Richard Chamberlin, he sure looked great in a white lab coat that’s for sure. There was something very appealing about the show that aired to audiences in the sixties.
These days, crushes means lots of money for Hollywood. All you have to say is Edward and Jacob and everyone knows there the two leading men from the Twilight fame.
So, who is my crush these days? Wouldn’t you know I had to create one for myself! I got tired of looking! I decided not to be greedy though and share him with you.
His name is David Martin and he is the male lead in my paranormal romance novel, Radiance: Love after Death.
Marena Jacobs married her high school sweetheart and thought Ben was her one true love. After being together for years and having a son together their marriage ends in a bitter divorce. She never imagined she would be alone in her forties.
Driving home from work one night in a rainstorm, her car crashes and she is shocked to be experiencing the last seconds of her life. She could feel herself floating and staring down at the life that had once belonged to her.
Months down the road after her accident recovery, Marena meets a stranger who seems to be rather different from most men. He is tall, kind hearted and not afraid to take risk. His name is David and he just happens to be totally blind, although that never stops him from doing anything.
Never expecting to be attracted to someone after losing Ben, Marena finds herself fantasizing about his touch and his kiss not long after they meet. When she finally realizes he has fallen in love with her, she finds out he is the last person on earth she should fall in love with, ever. Their secret crush on each other nearly destroys everything they thought love would be.
So, does David sound sexy? Believe me, he is! I created David with everything you could want in a man. He’s tall, good looking and in his sixties although he does not look a day over forty-one! {Hey, Edward Cullen was over a hundred!}
Did I say that he was a virgin? Yes, you heard me...a virgin! Might as well make it interesting!
So, that ladies, is my fantasy crush. I hope you will want to read David and Marena’s love story. For the meantime, comment on this blog about the interview or about your crush and you’ll be put in a drawing to win this e-book for free!
It’s been a pleasure being here today!

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