Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Men You Love To Hate.

Everybody loves a hero but what kind of man grates on your nerves and makes you want to go the other way? I've met a few. In my novel Radiance:Love after Death, I created two of them and I would like to introduce you. I think you will hate them both!

The first is Mr.Kent and he's the man that women love to hate. He's bald, wears glasses and pretty obnoxious to say the least. He's ready to create havoc in Marena Jacobs life and she tries to avoid him every chance she gets. The fool, she hadn't even told him she was divorced yet but that wasn't stopping him. He was dropping by her house at all hours of the night. She had to get away because he was driving her nuts. This weekend was her friend Selina's birthday and Marena decides to go out to have a good time and unwind. Things are going great until someone taps her on the shoulder. If only she hadn't turned around! You guessed it....

His name was Samuel and he was good looking and so confident he made women uncomfortable. Charismatic to a fault, he was in Lily Dale on a mission... to seduce the one woman who despised and reviled him. She thought he was an ordinary man but she was wrong.Tonight at a reading, Marena would find out who he really was.

Don't worry. Too many bad guys are no fun. Meet David Martin, he's everything they're not. Tall, mysterious and blind, he comes into Marena's life because he's met her before but she doesn't remember it. She didn't know it, but he came to save her from the other two. Then, he had to save her from himself.

Radiance:Love after Death by Debra Jayne East

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