Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Haunting We Will Go

Welcome Paranormal Investigator and Author Stephanie Cambell

When the talented Stephanie Cambell is not writing books, she’s doing something I have always wanted to do myself. She is a paranormal investigator! In our second week here on our Halloween blast I asked Stephanie to share one of her current investigations~

Debra: Stephanie we’re all ears!
The Ben Lomond Cemetery was established in 1851, and it is one of the oldest in all of Utah. This cemetery holds the graves of many pioneers who built the area. Today, it is the home to 15,000 burial slots and is over 14 acres.
But this place is more than just a historic site for me. In this cemetery, I encountered my first experience with orbs, and I have visited this cemetery over ten times for investigations with mixed, though still interesting, results.
A partner and I drive to the cemetery and park in one of the empty spaces. We struggle out of the car and begin to walk between the rows of the plots. Both of us are quiet and respectful. As I walk, I begin to notice something odd about what I was capturing on my camera.
"Come over here a moment, please," I say to my partner, looking at the screen.
"What is it?" she says, hustling over.
Both of us look over my shoulder and gasp.

The orbs appeared out of nowhere. Just seconds ago, I had taken this picture, marking the fact that my camera was clear:

I am shocked by the difference, especially since this is my second investigation here. Before this, I hadn't captured much of anything. Just some dust, the reflection of a stop sign, and a few other pointless things caused by natural phenomenon. The two of us exchange glances, move forward, and later pack up and leave for the night. This picture later got uploaded to the Weber District Paranormal Society's website, and I decided I would visit again the next week.
When I returned to the Ben Lomond Graveyard for investigation, I was brimming with excitement. It was a great hotspot for me, more so than what I expected after the research that I had done.
I walked along, alone again, with my camcorder out as well as my camera. The night is clear and is wind free. As I snap pictures, something strange begins to happen. Here is what I caught on my camera.

If you notice, the third picture and the fourth picture are both taken of the same street. That fact is shown by the small cylinder light in the left-hand corner of my pictures. The one thing that's different is the large orb that darts across the screen of my camera. I found this both startling and chilling. There truly was something there. This was not the moon or a stoplight. This is proven by the same picture being taken seconds afterward without anything on it. To this day, I truly believe that a ghost skirted across my camera screen.
Debra: Wow, that was pretty interesting! Thanks for making cold chills go up my spine! I will always remember to look behind me in graveyards from now on! Would you mind telling me about yourself and your books now?
My bio:
Stephanie Campbell is the author of The Willow Does Not Weep, Racing Death, Case Closed, Mirror of Darkness, Hot Wheels, Dragon Night, Poachers, Dragon Night, Tasting Silver, Late but not Never, Specimen X, Tales of Draga, E is for Eternity, and P.S. I Killed My Mother. When she isn't working, she enjoys watching documentaries, running, dancing, and playing with her rabbits. 

Book Blurb:

Willow the tree has been watching her family for the past eight years.  During that time, they have endured a terrible trauma, but there is nothing Willow can do.  She is merely a tree.  All of that changes when Malan, the eldest brother of the family, returns home from college and Willow realizes that she would do anything to speak with him, and the feelings she has for him she cannot explain.  She believes there is no hope. There is no way to change from one life form to another. When a white dove tells Willow that she can trade her thirty remaining years of life as a tree for one year as a human, she quickly agrees.  But in making that choice, she realizes that she may have signed on for more than she bargained for. After all, a year is hardly enough time to heal a human heart.

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    1. Thanks, Mackenzie. I hope it is. Part of my problem is that I can never tell as a writer whether something is actually good or not. :) I second guess everything. (Maybe it's a writer trait.)

  2. That is such an original storyline, I would love to read your book!

    1. Thanks so much! A lot of people asked me where I came up with that storyline, and I can't remember where I got it from.

    2. You are also the winner of a free Halloween e-book, Case Closed! Congrats!

  3. Stephanie,

    I loved your experience at the cemetery. For the last five years I have gone to New Orleans for Halloween, but this year I could not. I take the Haunted city tour and the Vampire tour. I captured on my camera a actual ghost. I took a picture of our group at one of the buildings where a Vampire was suppose to have lived.

    I knew everyone in our group and who was there, but in the picture is a woman in the period times of when this man was suppose to have lived there. When I saw that the hair on my neck and arms stood at attention. I grew up with the supernatural for I'm Native American and have seen things that I can't explain especially in ceremony.
    That same night we visited the Da Laurie house and my girlfriend had several orbs in her picture. I love it for that proves that there are other forces out there.

    Happy Halloween,
    Teresa K.
    tcwgrlup41(at)yahoo dot com

    1. Hi Teresa,

      What an amazing experience. I loved haunted tours. I would love to see that picture, if you have a digital copy of it. Let me know and I'll shoot you my email.

      I also grew up with the paranormal. I think growing up with it makes you open your eyes to what's really around you, but that could be just my theory. :)

      Thanks so much!


  4. I agree with Lisbeth that is a very original storyline. Your other book titles seem very interesting too. Are you books appropriate for a 14 year old? I am always looking for books for my niece.
    Thanks for sharing your paranormal story too. It is fascinating what is out there beyond our normal eyes:)

    PS I am the founder of More Than a Review and I would love for your books to be on our website.

    1. Hi Donna,

      I think all books but Case Closed would be appropriate. Whenever I write YA, I am pretty careful about moderating language and other things. :)

      It would be an honor to be on your website, if you'll still have me. If you want to arrange it personally, you can email me at authorgirl1485(at)live(dot)com. I would much appreciate the chance.

    2. Hi Donna,

      Congrats! You are also the winner of the free "creepy" e-book, Case Closed. I'll contact you soon. :)

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  5. Love love love the cover. It's breathtaking. And the story and the interview are wounderful. Wish you the very best.

  6. Sounds great!! Cannot wait to read!!

    1. I really appreciate the support! Thank you so much!

  7. Poor Willow! Can not wait to see how it turns out for her!! Thanks for sharing!
    Robin in NC
    RW620 AT aol DOT com

    1. Thanks for commenting and for supporting! You sound wonderful.

    2. Robin you have won the book giveaway for tonight! Please email me at