Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Halloween Special Guest Ashley Nemer

I am happy to introduce a special guest today who has written a book you are sure to love. On Halloween night, curl up with Ashley Nemer's new book, Blood Purple and feel the thirst~

Blood Purple, the new Halloween phenomenon! Yeah I wish! Blood Purple fits in well with Halloween mainly cause of the topic and colors I chose. Kids love dressing up as vampires and running around saying “I vant to suck your blood” but my vampires, they’re a bit different. Yes, they do suck blood but not all of the typical rules apply. Some genre’s make the blood have to be human, others make it vampire some mix the two. Mine is vampire blood is needed to live but you can get by on human blood. The blood doesn’t need to be of a different gender, blood is blood. One of my vamp’s even stock piles his blood so he doesn’t have to feed from others. I didn’t want my stories to be limited in the normal boundaries so I left it open.

Another thing about the typical vampire is the stake through the heart. Mine…well, you can kill them like you kill a human, and it’s just more difficult. The thing about my vampires is, they are just like us, we, humans, actually were created by the vampires so we are created in their image. I know you are probably thinking whoa wait hold the phone, what?!?! Don’t worry; I’ll get into that all later, as my world unfolds. But here is my first teaser so you will have to stay tuned for more on how what we know as humans, God and creation are really nothing like we expected.
Now onto Halloween specifics. Did you have a favorite character to dress up as growing up? Me, I loved me some Wizard of Oz. When I was a toddler I changed my name to Dorothy and would only respond to that, or so my mother tells me. So you would think when comes time for Halloween costumes I would be all over that blue and white dress but nope! It was the Evil Wicked Witch of the West that owned my heart. See even at a young age I was prone to follow the evil side in fiction. This has not changed.

When I wrote Blood Purple, and as I finished writing the sequel Blood Yellow, I am still rooting for the evil side. I know they cannot win but that doesn’t mean you don’t want them too. My biggest issue in books that I read is that the bad guys NEVER catch a break. It’s like when I’m reading Black Dagger Brotherhood I just ONCE want the lesser’s to win a fight. Let them kill a brother already; let them have something to be proud of. While I didn’t want Xhex to die, I was really glad when Lash was able to capture her. I was like score they did something right. Cause in reality, Nice Guys Finish Last, right? That means the bad guys and sad things of the world come out on top at least some of the time.
So, that’s what you can expect when you read fiction that I create. Good will suffer; Evil will triumph, at least some of the time. Because as one of my readers said, I try to keep the emotions and drama to ‘real’ yes some of it will be out of the norm, mean we don’t all have knives at our throat daily, but we do experience heart break we do feel like less of a person from time to time so my characters will feel that too.

I hope you enjoyed my blog and I want to thank my host, Miss Debra Jayne East for having me appear. You can find out more about me and my crazy imagination at www.ashleynemer.com.

Author Bio:

Ashley is married and lives in Houston with her husband Tony. They have two dogs named Toto and Doogie. They have been together for almost 8 years and he brings her more joy than she could ever imagine as a child. She loves to read and has been hooked on the romance genre ever since her lifelong best friend Laura gave her "Ashes to Ashes' by Tami Hoag to read when they were younger.

 Ashley finds her strength through her family, especially her parents. They always support her in life, they push her to strive for greatness. There once was a motto that Ashley heard in her youth through her Taekwondo life 'Reach for the Stars' and that is what Ashley has always done. It was through her upbringing that the values Ashley has and display's came from. With her Parents always cheering her on in life she was able to grow up having faith in herself and her ability to conquer the world.


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